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Hi, there! We’re Nazim and Nayem, the masterminds behind preservationguide.com. Welcome to our site, and thanks for visiting our about page.

The place where you will find sensible, experienced, expert mechanical and technical engineers who are also writers of this blog. To illustrate, our research squad consists of dedicated professionals and enthusiasts. We share our knowledge here so that you all learn what we have known before. We will give you a detailed explanation.

Engineers field.com will never disappoint you. We hope that we can come to help you with your critical decisions. Thus, writing blogs will be futile.

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Nazim Khan

Nazim Khan

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I am a mechanical engineer who is highly passionate about technology and machinery. Being a machine engineer, I am an expert in his field.

But does being a machine engineer only make one best in the area? No, there is more to it. The person needs to be dedicated and ardent toward his work. Then he will achieve the position of being called an expert.

I am immensely devoted to my work and have superb knowledge of mechanisms. In my childhood, I was always curious about how a machine worked, leading me to learn more. This is how it started.

My love for technology increases day by day. Hence, I am committed to improving my knowledge in more. For instance, I have massive intelligence about how a refrigerator works. This includes a heat pump, high and low-pressure vapor, evaporator, compressor, and a-z of a refrigerator.


Additionally, I often travel worldwide and join seminars to learn more about machine technology and enrich my knowledge. In my leisure time, I like to read books about machinery as I believe reading will help me grow.

Indeed, my efforts to go beyond the limit won’t stop every day!

Nayem Zobayer
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Nayem Zobayer

I am a chemical engineer with a vast understanding of chemical production. I have been interested in this topic since I discovered chemistry.

So, I wanted to pursue my career in this field. When I was in college, I was always curious about food preservation. When teachers used to teach about food preservation in the classroom, I used to observe it deeply.

The advancement of technology astonished me. So, I was always digging more into it. Gradually, I felt to start my career in this field.

So I did. I became an admirer of it. Today, I am sharing my knowledge about food preservation and chemical technology with all of you. I thought of writing blogs about this topic part-time, where I can share my learning.

I want readers to know valuable and essential information about chemical technology. I like to do it and believe that sharing will make me grow. Hence, I am committed to giving the readers valuable information about it.

However, suppose you have any questions about the other brands of refrigerators and the solution to fixing the refrigerators at home. In that case, you can feel free to contact us. Email: preservationguide7@gmail.com