Are Go-Gurts Supposed to Be Frozen (The Complete Guide)

Go-gurts can be eaten either frozen or as it is. Since there are no specific methods for enjoying them, it tastes good in every possible way.

Some of you might be wondering what go-gurts are? Well, it is a yogurt especially designed for the liking of kids. It is made by a company called Yoplait. It is a native American brand manufacturing low-fat yogurt for kids.

Besides America, it is also available in Canada, Ireland, and Britain. The best part is that it comes in tubes like an ice stick that children love to eat. Go-gurts can be eaten frozen, like ice sticks, or regular yogurt eaten with a spoon, whatever suits your children. 

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Can You Freeze Go-Gurt?

Unlike regular yogurt, which doesn’t taste good after being frozen, go-gurt can be frozen. Since it comes in tube packaging, all can enjoy it. Go-gurt can also be served as a treat for your kids.

Many parents agree that their kids love go-gurts when it’s frozen. You can simply buy the go-gurts from the nearest convenient shop where they are stored semi-frozen or frozen, and you can put them in your freezer for an hour or two and let them freeze. 

Unlike regular yogurt, go-gurts are probiotic yogurt. Probiotic yogurt means the yogurt has good bacteria that aid in digestion and contains many health benefits. You might be wondering, don’t bacteria get killed by making the yogurt frozen?

The answer is no; it doesn’t kill the bacteria. Instead, the bacteria gets frozen along with the yogurt, and if consumed in a normal state, the bacteria does its job perfectly. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying frozen go-gurts, or does it?

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What to Know About Frozen Go-Gurt?

  • It is healthy

Go-gurts are healthy. Go-gurt has probiotics in it, which are good bacteria present in yogurts. Unlike regular yogurt, go-gurt can aid your child’s digestive system and provide many health benefits. Instead of buying them a burger and french fries, consider giving them a go-gurt. Go-gurt is a tube-shaped yogurt that can be eaten frozen, and it does taste amazing. 

  • Ingredients

Since go-gurt is specially designed for kids, it has the best ingredients possible. The go-gurts contain pure fresh milk, sugar, and cornstarch, making the go-gurt into a fine yogurt. Go-gurt has a fractional amount of gelatin that helps to hold the go-gurt together. 

  • Variety

When it comes to yogurt, people are also short of ways to eat them but not with go-gurts, which separates go-gurts from any other yogurt on the planet. Dice some fruits into the go-gurt and enjoy it like a fruit custard. And how does a go-gurt smoothie sound?

Interesting right. You need to add some milk with the go-gurts, and your smoothie is ready. Luckily, many different go-gurt flavors allow you to pick your favorite flavor. 

How to Freeze Go-Gurt?

It is really simple to freeze go-gurts. You can find go-gurts frozen or semi-frozen when you purchase them. If the go-gurts are semi-frozen, freeze them for an hour, and they should turn into ice. All you need to do is put it in a freezer for at least 1-2 hours for a watery one. It will allow the gelatin to do its job and harden the go-gurts. 

Does Go-Gurt Go Bad if Frozen?

It is safe to say that any yogurt product will last for about two months before the bacteria inside the yogurt dies and the yogurt starts to lose its texture. But to be safe, check the manufacturing date and the expiration date. This will give you enough time to eat your go-gurts before it goes to waste.

How long Does it Take for Go-Gurts to Freeze?

Go-gurt will take about 1-2 hours to freeze. Generally, yogurts take about 3-4 hours to turn solid. Since go-gurt has a tiny amount of gelatin present, it can fasten up the process and give it a slightly jelly-like texture. 


Now, you know if go-gurts are supposed to be frozen or not. Every kid loves a frozen snack, and go-gurt is the ultimate snack for your children. The taste and flavors make the go-gurts more appealing to kids. It lets a kid pick all the delicious and attractive flavors like strawberry, mango, berry, etc. What’s more unique is that it is an entirely fat-free yogurt that needs to be added to your kid’s diet. You can pack this in lunch or as a treat after a hot summer day in school.