Are LG Refrigerators Good? (Brand Overview)

LG is an electronics manufacturer that produces a wide range of cutting-edge devices for the complete home. For example, LG provides refrigerators for every budget, with modern technology and innovative features like internet connectivity and different application accessibility.


To be frank, I love their refrigerators most. Many of my friends ask me if  LG refrigerators are good?

Yes, undoubtedly, LG refrigerators are good. This brand appealed to me because of the specifications, and it was within my price range. In addition, it features a cooling system and an ice maker, which I appreciate. There is not a single thing about this refrigerator that I dislike.

Is LG a Good Brand of the Refrigerator?

From the customer’s review and my experiences, LG is one of the top brands on the market. It is highly reliable. But when I studied its reliability and the other’s review, I found it very repair-prone.


However, still, LG refrigerator belongs to the top-5 refrigerator brand in the market. In fact, now Haier refrigerator & LG refrigerator are in intense competition in the market for the top spot. From 2015 to 2021, LG was the leading brand for its excellent refrigerator services.

While quantitative averages show that some freezer businesses are more trustworthy in one model and far less trustworthy in the other, a single model can’t outperform an industry’s standard, & patterns and past achievements can shift over time.

But the finding feedback on the LG brand and its refrigerator is the most reliable technique to verify its reliability. So, undoubtedly LG is a good brand of refrigerator.

What is the Best Refrigerator of LG?

The Finest LG Refrigerators have been hard to pick from because the LG company provides so many high-quality refrigerator types. That being stated, I’ve compiled a list of the Best Recommended Top LG Refrigerators based on my reviews & customer ratings.

LG : LBC22520ST (Overall Best):

This bottom freezer made it onto my list of the greatest LG refrigerators since it garnered multiple high points for its attractive design and energy savings. In addition, users were very pleased with the appearance and functions of this $1,100.00 refrigerator. The refrigerator is Energy Star approved and includes the following features:


The refrigerator is Energy Star approved and includes the following features:

A double digital temperature controller on the refrigerator’s top ranges from 1 to 7, with 7 is the coolest. #4 has been the top and bottom suggestions. The frequency with which the doorway is open.

Using a fridge thermometer, I found that my refrigerator was at #4, which helps to cool at 34 degrees, and #5, which helps to cool at 30 degrees. The freezer of this refrigerator; – 6 to 9

15 1/2 cu. Ft with 40w bulbs, which supply a huge light. The boor of this fridge has  6 big shelves, and the internal three big bins provide huge space to keep so many necessary things. It has an extra-large been to keep ice.

The back is fully covered with good heat absorption technology. In addition, the coils are fully covered with a metal body, which reduces the rate of danger and increases its durability.

It has an alarm system, so it will make sounds if you keep the door open.

  • This unit is available in steel material with metal clasps, but if that’s not your style, it is also available in black or white for roughly $300 less.
  • The 4 Curved Glass Shelves with Spill-Protection Splits
  • Several door baskets are available, each with a gallon size that can be adjusted
  • Corner of Dairy
  • The Multi-Air Circulation Cooling will substantially assist efficiency by keeping the system evenly cool
  • Internal Electronic Temperature Layout makes controlling the temperature within the house simple.
  • Alarm system is available
  • There are three big bins
  • Compressor will serve you for around 20 years
  • Good fit for kitchen
  • Wifi facility
  • Although the front of the stainless variant is stainless steel, the sidewalls are painted gray. (It is a regular occurrence with stainless steel refrigerators, but I didn’t really want you to become surprised when you got it home.)
  • It requires a steady hand to take ice out from the freezer since its placement can lead it to drop into the bottom of the freezer.

Is LG Refrigerator Better than Whirlpool?

LG and Whirlpool are among the two best, most popular, and most successful refrigerator brands available in the marketplace. Which is the superior option?

Your requirements will determine the solution. LG has long been regarded as among the company’s greatest brands, and Whirlpool also has had its own measure of success over the years. The article will go over every feature of each company’s product and how it relates to other models available nowadays.

So, sit back and relax, and let’s start comparing those two magnificent brands.

BrandSouth Korean brand and successfully continuing business from 1958American brand and successfully continuing business from 1911
PriceComparatively highComparatively low
User ReviewsIt is highly appreciated with a few heaters, even those few heaters maybe for its significantly higher cost.Same like the LG, but the online reviews of Whirlpool is better than the LG
StyleLess better than the WhirlpoolMore better than the LG
Capacity (largest)29 cubic feet22 cubic feet
Cooling technologyDual and advanced Cooling that help to keep the foods totally freshCold Select advance cooling and the cooling condition stay longer than the LG
LightingLED lightsNo
Inverter technologyYes, but it makes a little soundsYes, and it doesn’t make any sounds
Wifi connectivityNoYes
Digital control panelsYesYes
Energy EfficiencyVery efficient energy saver it can provide service almost for 9 hours after cutting the electricity connection.A very efficient energy saver and its extra cooling system provide service almost for 11 hours after cutting the electricity connection.
CompartmentsIt has some good and boxed compartments which make the foods fresh and easy to accessIt has no particular compartments
CompressorIt has a very good quality compressor and can cool down on its own. So, the compressor doesn’t smell burnt. And it comes with 1 year of warranty.Hig quality compressors with 1 year of warranty
DurabilityExtended durabilityExtended durability
Technological advancement More advancedLess advanced
Extra basketNoYes 

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Do LG Refrigerators Have Problems?

It is impossible to have a fridge with the only good side without having any bad in it. So, although LG has been in a good position in the refrigerator market for a long time, it also has some problems. So, the followings are the problems that I found in some of LG’s models and also from several customer reviews:

  • LG’s name might shock you, but the most recent models aren’t top-rated. This brand was previously listed in my most dependable category. However, I had to reconsider the defeat of its dual compressor technique.
  • Customers are disappointed with most of LG’s new models, and the company faces class-action litigation. In addition, LG’s user service fell short of the mark.
  • Despite LG’s assurances that the compressor problem has been rectified, a number of customers have been unable to get reimbursement.
  • Even yet, if you’re looking for a refrigerator except for dual compressor technologies, LG is a good choice.
  • There are several other faults with LG’s model, which I discovered while testing that I’ve listed below.

On the other hand, several LG refrigerator difficulties can be readily resolved at home using a simple DIY troubleshoot technique.

Reasons to Stay Away from LG:

  • Costly parts
  • The ice machine has a leakage.
  • Dual compressors that aren’t working

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FAQs: Related Question

Q1. Where are LG Refrigerators made?

LG manufactures its products in several various locations across the world. However, more than half of LG refrigerators are made in South Korea. And the rest are made in Mexico, the USA, China, India.

Q2. How long do LG refrigerators last?

According to my experience, the compressor and overall LG refrigerators last around 13-15 years. But according to the company’s information, LG refrigerators can last 20 years.


LG refrigerators are outstanding, especially for those who need the best freeze with huge space. So, if you want a good family freezer, you can see LG; you won’t regret it.

However, check the necessities before buying something. For example, there are so many refrigerators available in the market, but you should choose the refrigerator you need. And for this, you should check the freezer’s features first and then buy things.