Are LG Stainless Steel Refrigerators Coated (Detailed Guide)

Are you searching to purchase a fingerprint- and smudge-resistant refrigerator? LG, the newest brand, will satisfy your needs for sure.


The LG stainless steel refrigerators coated or not, that question might make you curious for various reasons. Yes. LG stainless steel refrigerator contains nano-ceramic coating. As a result, the refrigerator’s top surface has a smooth appearance, and smudges and fingerprints may be cleaned with a damp cloth.

How can you tell if the stainless steel is coated?

A steel coat that gives the steel a smooth, polished texture is known as coated stainless steel. The majority of the time, it has a coat of color applied to make it look simultaneously attractive and sophisticated.

We can recognize coated stainless steel only by observing the characteristics of coated stainless steel cookware.

  • The hue is black, and the surface polish is smooth and glossy. 
  • Not enduring the coating could be harmed by too much heat. 
  • Using coated pans saves on butter or oil. 
  • Not simple to keep up. You must follow some directions to utilize it for an extended period. 
  • It tends to leave a scratch quickly (in the case of polymer coating). 
  • Magnets do not attract.

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Do stainless steel fridges have a coating?


Yes, Stainless steel fridge coating is applied to make the upper surface of the fridge beautiful, attractive, scratchproof, and glossy.

However, the coating is only nana centimeters thick. As a result, the magnet’s attraction may be seen. On the other hand, primarily ceramic and fiber are used for stainless steel fridges coating.

It protects the fridge from numerous viruses and fungus and makes strain cleaning of the refrigerator simple.

Are LG stainless steel refrigerators coated?

LG stainless steel has a coating because it has a dark appearance. In addition to resisting fingerprints, LG asserts that it is made to blend beautifully with any décor as Microwaves and dishwashers from LG are all coated.

Are all LG appliances smudge-proof?

LG is one of the well-known brands of the modern period. This brand’s appliances are created with the most recent technologies. Every LG appliance has a coating that prevents smudges.

In addition, they are kept fingerprint-proof so that cleaning is simple. You can view LG’s diamond collection to understand this.

Does LG have fingerprint-resistant stainless steel?

No fingerprints can be seen on this refrigerator, which is terrific. I have a stainless steel refrigerator from a different manufacturer, and I have to clean it all the time since every fingerprint is visible! 

The LG finish complements my kitchen’s stainless steel-finished appliances beautifully and is ideal for daily usage. You’ll love using this fridge, no doubt!

FAQs: Related Asked Question

Q. Is there a color difference between stainless steel and fingerprint-resistant stainless steel?

Unless it is artificially dyed with a different hue, it is the same color as standard stainless steel appliances. However, their photographs do contain some light or dark shades. But actually, they both look almost identical in color.

Q. What is print-proof stainless steel LG?

Fundamentally, it is made of stainless steel with a coating that prevents fingerprints and splotches.


Nowadays, most of us favor current technology because they facilitate our work. Cleaning the refrigerator is a chore or a waste of time for many people. Therefore, the stainless steel refrigerator from LG can be your best option. I find it enjoyable to use. Consequently, advise others to use this great brand refrigerator.