Can a Freezer be Used as a Refrigerator | Easy Guide!

Life without a refrigerator is indeed hard. In these modern days, living without electricity and a refrigerator will be very painful.


A refrigerator is not only useful when it is scorching hot outside and you want to have an icy cold and refreshing drink but also the whole year. This is because food stocks cannot stay fresh for too long and need a way to keep them fresh for a long time. That’s why refrigerators are important. 

Running both a refrigerator and a fridge might not be logical for many small families since they need much investment & space. And what if I told you that you could turn your freezer into a refrigerator.

In this article, I will mention how you can use your freezer as an alternative to your refrigerator.

Can a Freezer be Used as a Refrigerator

Yes, you can use your freezer as a refrigerator without having any issues. The main reason for using a freezer as a refrigerator is cost efficiency, insulation, and size. 

It is common to look for alternatives instead of using both the refrigerator and freezer simultaneously. There is no point in paying double bills for small families where you need to store fewer stocks. Even small restaurants don’t need to run both the refrigerator and a freezer. 

There are three main reasons you might be planning to use your freezer as a refrigerator.

  • Energy savings

You might have your reasons behind this choice, but the most relevant one is that it saves energy. If you have both the refrigerator and a freezer running in your house, it will consume energy. Since energy is not free and nor it is available in vast quantities, there is no logical explanation for wasting energy. 

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  • Insulation

If you wonder why a freezer is so energy-efficient, it is not because of its size but insulation. Take a look at the refrigerator, they are large, bulky and some have high-tech features. But their build is not that great compared to a freezer.

A freezer has a thicker body that holds the temperature inside and can keep the temperature constant for a long time. The body is the key component of a freezer which separates it from the refrigerator. 

  • Size

It is alright to have more room to store your food supplies, but this can become a disadvantage for you. If you are inside a small room with proper insulation, it will cool faster than a large room with the same insulation.

Here the difference is not the insulation but the size. To keep your refrigerator cool, your compressor needs to run more, consuming more electricity. On the other hand, your freezer can cool down easily because of its size. 

How to Convert a Freezer into a High-Efficiency Fridge?

Converting your freezer into a highly efficient fridge can be an easy and fun DIY project which you can do at home. 

Warning: Before doing anything, put on rubber gloves and boots. Professionals highly recommend these. Handling electricity without proper safety measures can be devastating. So put on safety measures. 

You can convert your freezer into a high efficient fridge in three simple steps. They are as follows:

Unplug the freezer

When dealing with electronic appliances, it is important to fully disconnect the appliance from any contact with electricity. If any other appliance is connected with the socket, make sure to turn them off or move your freezer to a safe place.

This will ensure that no unnecessary Voltage can pass through your other appliances and ultimately not damage them permanently. It would be best to let your freezer be plugged in for a few minutes after you turn off the switch of your freezer.

There could potentially be a leakage that could pass current on the body of your freezer. And when you touch your freezer, you might receive a small shock. So let the earthing do its job by allowing any leak current to pass away from your freezer.

Remove the thermostat

The thermostat is a device that can detect the changes in temperature of a device. The thermostat is programmed to sense the temperature of an enclosed device and take action to keep the temperature at the desired level. 

Now that you know what the job of a thermostat is, it is time to find it. In most cases, you will find your freezer’s thermostat on the backside. But it might not be the same in every freezer. Check the manual provided by the manufacturers. 

Now comes the tricky part: connecting a different thermostat to your freezer. But to make it easier, I will tell them in a simple process. 

  • Locate the capillary tube. A capillary tube is a thin tube that connects to the freezer thermostat. The capillary tube is a light-colored rube. 
  • Replace the current thermostat with a fridge thermostat. When you replace the current thermostat with a fridge thermostat, make sure you connect the wires properly. Plug the yellow or green wire(any of these two colors) into the thermostat housing. Any mistakes made here could be fatal. 
  • Now place the thermostat in its original place and close the compartment. 

With everything fixed now, you can turn on your freezer. But I recommend you wait for a few hours before turning on your freezer. If anything goes wrong after your freezer is turned on, immediately unplug the freezer. 

Install the Thermostat:

There are some chances of your freezer not working properly after installing a thermostat. The way to know this is by clear observation. Below are things that you need to ensure after installing a new thermostat.


If you notice your freezer is not producing enough cooling after installing a new thermostat, contact an expert as soon as possible. 


Cooling is the main property of a freezer. If you notice that your freezer is not cool enough, this could be because of your thermostat.

Food’s condition

If you notice your food stocks are decaying fast, it indicates that the thermostat that you installed is not working properly. Replace the thermostat or seek professional advice. 

What is the Best Freezer Conversion kit?

A conversion kit is a way to replace a component in your device for your benefit. In this case, we will be looking for the best conversion kit for your freezer.

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Besides a freezer conversion kit, you would also need a freezer thermostat. And we got you covered. Check out the best thermostat on the market.

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How Do you use a Deep Freezer as a Fridge?

If you have a freezer at home and are running out of space inside your refrigerator, you can always use your freezer as a backup storage option.

Not just for making a temporary storage option; in fact, you can make it your daily storage device. This will not just become your storage option but also save your money. 

You simply need to spend $30-$40 and purchase a thermostat for doing so. Thermostat is a device used in devices such as refrigerators to sense the optimal temperature level.

Simply buy a thermostat online, I have already mentioned the best thermostat you can buy for your freezer. Connect it to your freezer, and your freezer is ready to be used, just like your refrigerator. 

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It would be a good decision and money-saving scheme for you if you could use your freezer as a refrigerator. With the correct rise in prices, it is best to cut down unnecessary expenses.

And since your refrigerator consumes a large amount of energy, it would be best to look for the best possible solution. Even if you have issues with space, a freezer will take less space and still be much more useful than a refrigerator.

Now the question arises, are you ready for this upgrade? Which I think you should. Turning your freezer into a highly efficient fridge will not cost you more than a few dollars, and you can always change your mind.