Can a Freon Leak in a Refrigerator be Fixed | Here’s How to Check?

Freon is a common component of today’s latest refrigerators. This component is built and designed to manage the heat transfer inside your refrigerator.

Can a Freon Leak in a Refrigerator be Fixed

Freon keeps your refrigerator cool from the inside, ensuring that your food is kept at an optimal temperature.

While this component is designed to be enclosed inside your refrigerator, keeping it safe, a leak can occur. This leakage will spoil your food stocks and could impact your health. 

Can a Freon Leak in a Refrigerator be Fixed?

Luckily, yes! A freon leak can be fixed. First, open the back of your refrigerator. You’ll see your compressor, condenser, evaporator, and some copper wires connected. It is recommended to check your refrigerator’s user manual so that you know the right copper wire used to refill freon

However, you must know which part is what before doing this.

Things you need to do:

  1. Find the large copper line that is coming out of your compressor. That is the wire where you need to refill the freon.
  2. Now you need to install a saddle valve or Schrader valve. The saddle valve is a clamp that will puncture the line and allow you to refill freon. A Schrader valve is a valve that needs to be attached at the end of the line to refill the freon. Both will do the job.
  3. Let the air out of the system using an air vacuum pump. This would require a special tool which can be rented from a hardware store near you. This air vacuum pump will have a hose at the end where you need to connect the valve.
  4. Finally, add the coolant when the line has been vacuumed, and there is no air inside the line. 

Freon leaks are not as common as people expect them to be. If your refrigerator is not cooling properly, this could cause many problems. It could even mean that you have a faulty cooling system rather than coolant leaks. This requires a good inspection since the cooling chambers are not visible to us.

Consulting a repair service is highly recommended.

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What are the Signs of a Freon Leak in the Refrigerator?

Below are the five signs that your refrigerator has a freon leak.

Food not Cold Enough

When we open our refrigerator, we are expected to grab a cold can of soda. But that’s not the case when you have a freon leak.

Because when you have a freon leak, your refrigerator is not properly functional. This makes it harder for your refrigerator to keep the food stocks cold and refreshing.

Suppose you notice that your food is on the warmer side even after storing it inside the refrigerator. In that case, this could mean your refrigerator has a freon leak.

So before all of your groceries go to waste, you need to get your machine checked, and the problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Motor Rotating Constantly

When the temperature of your refrigerator increases, the compressor, and the condenser work together to bring the temperature down to the optimal level.

The process includes using the freon inside your refrigerator.

However, when there is a freon leak, the motor will need to run longer to reduce the temperature without the help of sufficient freon. This puts the motor at greater risk and could cause a sudden breakdown of your refrigerator.

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High Electricity Bills

It’s common to expect higher bills in summer and winter when you’re cooling or heating the house.

But this can be a matter of concern. As mentioned above, freon leak can cause your motor to rotate continuously. In addition, when your refrigerator is working hardest to balance the temperature in your refrigerator, the electricity consumption is increased.

If you notice that your electricity bills have suddenly jumped higher, it could be because of any faults.

Foul Smells

Freon and other types of coolant emit a noticeable smell. You will assume that something has gone wrong, but the problem lies at a different place. Check for a freon leak if you can’t find any noticeable difference. 

Unexpected Illness

Breathing in freon is very dangerous for your health. If you have suffered prologue exposures, breathing in freon could lead temporarily to experiencing nausea, fainting, headaches, and other symptoms.

If you’re feeling unwell without any noticeable reason, you can expect that you have been exposed to freon. Freon can be harmful to those who had heart issues in the past.

Luckily, there are no long term health consequences after breathing in a freon leak. So if you feel uneasy, consider checking for a freon leak.

How Do you Stop a Refrigerator from leaking freon?

Freon leak has been noticed based on two situations, punctures and faulty equipment. And there is an easy solution for this:

  1. Refrain from moving your refrigerator too much unless you have to. This will save your refrigerator from unintentional shocks and vibrations.
  2. Proper maintenance of your refrigerator.  Try to clean your refrigerator once a week. Make sure to remove the dust and debris from inside and around your refrigerator.

What is the Best Refrigerator Freon Leak Sealer

The best refrigerator freon leak sealer on the market is:

Refrigerator coolantWeightSpecial features
Super Tech R-134a Refrigerant with Stop Leak, 3 oz.3 oz (85g)Self-sealing can
EZ Chill R134a AC Recharge with Leak Sealer11 oz
Ac Pro A/C Pro High Mileage Refrigerant12 ozAnti-wear additives

It is really easy to find a refrigerator coolant. You can find one at your nearest hardware shop or order online. Make sure to check the product’s reviews to see how it formed.

FAQs: Related Asked Question

Q1. How much does it cost to fix a freon leak in a refrigerator?

If you hire a professional to fix a freon leak in your refrigerator, it will cost about $100-$350. However, you can do this even cheaper if you follow the abovementioned steps. The above procedure will take some time, but you can get your job done perfectly. 

Q2. Is it worth fixing a freon leak?

If your refrigerator is almost new and works perfectly fine, spending $200 could be worth repairing the leak. Freon leak is a common problem which you can solve by yourself.

And if you’ve been using your refrigerator for the past 10 years and it has gone through a lot of fixing, it could be the best opportunity to get yourself a brand new refrigerator with better specifications. 


The refrigerator has become an important part of our daily day-to-day lifestyle. So it is vital to make sure it is appropriately functioning without causing any problems for us.

Observe and change your refrigerator, which could lead to some significant problems in the future. If you observe any issues with your refrigerator, take professional advice. Then, keep in touch with a professional home appliance specialist for some quick and long-lasting solutions.