Can a Mini Fridge Share an Outlet — (Quick Answer)

If you ask someone about the best invention that we cannot neglect in our daily day-to-day life is, the answer is the fridge. 


Fridges are very common these days. There is a fridge in almost every house. What makes it so unique is its purpose. A refrigerator is solely used to store food supplies for a long time. This invention to the next level is the more compact version of a regular-sized fridge, a mini-fridge. 

So the question arises about the correct way to power your fridge. 

Can a Mini-Fridge Share an Outlet?

Yes, it can. But it is recommended that you check the manual of your mini-fridge along with the amperage of your power outlet. For example, if you have a 4 amp mini fridge connected to a power outlet, which has no other devices, it can run your mini-fridge.

Power outlets have a maximum watts (amps) rating, which tells us about the devices that can power without any problem. 

Often, people neglect the amperage of the outlet, which could cause low power input into your mini-fridge. Low power input could cause your compressor problems and not keep the food supplies fresh. At some point, the food supplies can get spoiled. 

Can a Mini Fridge be Plugged into a Surge Protector

Yes, you can. A surge protector is a device intended to protect your fridge from any sudden power breakdown.

Although a surge protector is not that useful for a regular-sized fridge, it would be a great help when necessary. It has been certified that a surge protector can save your mini-fridge from spikes and surges. 

But there is a problem with this system. A surge protector may have the ability to override your system, leading to failure to restart your mini fridge automatically. This could cause damage to your food stocks when you’re away from home. 

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Best Surge Protector for Mini Fridge

To be called a “best surge protector,” it has to handle the electric load of your mini-fridge. That’s why it is impossible to check the wattage rating of your surge protector. Usually, a rating of 1200 watts to 1800 watts is enough. Of course, the higher the rating, the better for your mini-fridge. 

All surge protectors come with a delay which means that after a power surge, your mini fridge will start after 30 seconds. It is common for a surge protector to delay about 30 seconds to 3 minutes. It prevents any further issues or damage. 

Nippon Surge ProtectorUp to 1800 watts
Miavolt Surge ProtectorUp to 1800 watts3 years warranty
BSEED Surge ProtectorUp to 3250 watts3 years warranty
Netcom Lab Surge ProtectorUp to 1800 watts3 years warranty
Exceline Surge ProtectorUp to 1440 watts3 years warranty

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Buying Guide:

If you have more than 1 electronic device in your house, consider buying multiple surge protectors. Every device is valuable, and it can save you a lot of money in the long term.

It’s better to get one surge protector for your washing machine as they can be expensive to repair. Luckily many surge protectors come in a unit of 3 or 4 and not just one single unit for one of your devices.

Whether you have a mini-fridge at home, ordered your long-desired mini-fridge, or are worried about your current mini-fridge, a surge protector you would want your mini-fridge to last longer. So, buying surge protectors could be a good decision and a good investment. 

FAQs: Related Asked Question

Q1. Can a Refrigerator Share an Outlet with a tv?

No, a refrigerator must not share power sockets with any other appliances. This is mainly because of the behavior of a refrigerator. A refrigerator can make a sudden large starting current. This behavior of a refrigerator can cause problems for other electronic devices attached with the same power outlet.

Most refrigerators are adapted with 100-120 volt power outlets. You must’ve noticed that electrical sockets have 3 pins, and this is mainly to ensure more safety for your refrigerator. It is highly recommended to use a power outlet that has a Ground Fault Interrupter(GFI).

Q2. Can you plug a mini fridge into a heavy-duty extension cord?

Since a mini fridge doesn’t draw too much power, it is safe to say that it can be plugged into extension cords. Most mini-fridges are compatible with a 15 amps circuit. It has rarely been noticed that a mini-fridge exceeds 13 amps. Even with regular extension cords, a mini-fridge can work just fine, and to be more secure about it, a heavy-duty extension cord will surely help.