Can A Power Outage Damage Your Refrigerator — Quick Guide!

Refrigerators have become an impact aspect of our daily lifestyle. It is impossible to think of living without a refrigerator in our society.


However, since refrigerators require electricity to work and there is not a hefty amount of energy available in this world, there remains a problem of power shortage. This power shortage will affect our refrigerator. It can even cause major issues to this valuable appliance if you are unaware of such situations.

Let’s find out if the power outage has any negative impact on the fridge or not.

Why is my Fridge not Cooling after a Power Outage?

A power outage can cause issues like your refrigerator is not turning on or not cooling. This is a matter of concern since your refrigerator is neglecting the only reason for it to be in your house. 

Situations like this could trigger a few signs and indications. Follow the steps mentioned below if you encounter one of these situations after a power outage.

The lights are on but not cooling.

If you find that your refrigerator has power and is not cooling, a part has failed. Your refrigerator might need time to start the cooling process. Wait at least 15 mins for your refrigerator to start cooling again.

Faulty parts

A refrigerator is a sensitive appliance that can be damaged when the electricity passing inside has fluctuations. If you’ve tried the above solutions and still your refrigerator is turned off, this could be because of faulty parts. Get your refrigerator checked by a professional. 

Freon leak

Freon leaks are not as common as many people believe. However, if your refrigerator isn’t cooling correctly, it can lead to many issues. It’s possible that instead of coolant leaks, you have a malfunctioning cooling system.

Because the cooling chambers are not visible to us, a thorough inspection is required. It is strongly advised that you seek the assistance of a repair provider.

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Can a Power Surge Damage the Refrigerator Compressor?

Yes, certainly. A compressor is one of the critical and also sensitive devices. A compressor is the main chamber of the cooling system in your refrigerator. Without the compressor, a refrigerator cannot function properly.

Any electronic device hooked into the wall outlets, including appliances like the refrigerator, maybe affected when an electrical surge happens in a building.

Although the consequences of a power surge are often mitigated by safety measures put into the home to assist in limit surges, a bad power surge can still cause damage to a refrigerator unit. In addition, it can get trickier getting a compressor fixed.

If the compressor of a refrigerator is damaged, it will be very costly to get that compressor fixed. Therefore, you would wonder if it would be better to buy a new Refrigerator instead of fixing the current one. This includes the repairing cost as well as buying a new compressor.

Should I Unplug my Refrigerator During a Power Outage

You cannot protect your refrigerator just by unplugging your refrigerator during a power surge. By that, I mean you can protect your device from some harm, but better precautions must be taken.

Do the things mentioned below next time you have a power outage.

  • Unplug your refrigerator.

If you’re at home and suddenly there is a power outage, quickly disconnect your refrigerator from the power socket. This will save your refrigerator from any major parts failure.

  • Using a surge protector.

It is highly recommended that you use a surge protector when dealing with a refrigerator or other valuable appliances. Surge protectors can protect your device during a power surge or spikes by balancing the fluctuations. This could also include during a power outage. However, when the power comes back, your device might experience a sudden increase in power. It will surely put your refrigerator at risk. 

  • Keep the refrigerator closed.

When there is a power outage, you can never be sure when the electricity will return. During this time, you want your food to stay as cold as possible. If you let the air out of your refrigerator, the food stocks will get hotter and ultimately, spoiled. Therefore, open your refrigerator when it is necessary.

  • Temporary power backup.

Using a UPS could be a good method of protecting your refrigerator from a power outage. A UPS is a massive power strip with a battery backup. If a fluctuation is detected, the battery takes control of your appliance and keeps it functioning without interruption. As a result, your refrigerator won’t die on you, keeping your refrigerator safe and everything inside fresh for an extra hour.

If you follow the above steps, you can find some peace by ensuring that your refrigerator is safe from a power outage.

How do you Reset a Refrigerator After a Power Outage?

Reset GFCI switch 

Confirm if the refrigerator outlet is still connected or not. It is one of the safety features to protect your refrigerator from any harm during power surges. Next, press the GFCI reset button to reset it. This will turn on your refrigerator.

Refrigerator control panel issue 

All refrigerators are different, so is their way of functioning the device. If you find your circuit breaker is turned on, then look into your refrigerator’s user manual. It might be a safety feature installed inside your refrigerator which allows it to shut down during a power outage. Again, the user manual will guide you to turn on the switch.

Faulty parts 

A refrigerator is a sensitive appliance that can be damaged when the electricity passing inside has fluctuations. If you’ve tried the above solutions and still your refrigerator is turned off, this could be because of faulty parts. Get your refrigerator checked by a professional. 


To conclude, power outages have become fatal for electronic devices. These could potentially put your refrigerator in a threat if not taken action quickly. If you don’t take this as a threat, it will damage your refrigerator.  And with proper precautions, power outages can be tackled. All you need is to be cautious and take precautions like using a surge protector, inspection etc, to keep your refrigerator safe.