Can a stove and refrigerator be side by side? Is it Bad!

Do you wish to maintain the beauty of your small kitchen? That is typical, although safety is preferred. The refrigerator and the oven are the kitchen’s two primary appliances. They have opposing qualities. They must therefore pinpoint the exact site.


Now the question is, can a stove and refrigerator be side by side? Of course! But maintain a safe distance (minimum 1.5 feet) between them so that heat is not exchanged between them.

Can a stove and refrigerator be side by side?

Yes, to answer quickly. Particularly in a tiny kitchen, you might immediately place a stove and a refrigerator next to one another. Two appliances, one for cooling and the other for heating, are not ideal for locating side by side.

When working with a small kitchen, there may not be many options for separating the two major appliances. The refrigerator and oven are often located across from one another in a tiny kitchen.

However, if your kitchen is large, avoid putting the refrigerator and stove side by side. They are not recommended to be kept side by side unless safe.

The refrigerator, located across from the stove in this circumstance, can be protected with a heat shield. Heat shields designed expressly for usage when the equipment of two opposing features are placed adjacent to each other are widely available at hardware and home improvement stores.

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What is the minimum distance between stove and refrigerator?

It only makes sense that you would want to arrange your kitchen in the safest, most practical, and visually attractive manner possible. You might be concerned about how these two appliances interact in close proximity to one another, given that a refrigerator is meant to keep cold goods, and an oven typically emits heat.

Having the refrigerator close to the oven might be hazardous, especially if the stove is gas. Therefore, a safe space should be kept between the oven and the refrigerator even though the kitchen is modest. 

  • For an electric stove, this distance should be at least 2-4 inches, and 
  • A gas stove should be at least 15-20 inches or 1.5 feet.

What can I put between stove and refrigerator space?

Using the refrigerator and stove area can be a good idea if you’re remodeling your kitchen. However, it is necessary to keep equipment that can minimize heat transfer. In such a scenario, maintaining a dishwasher in your refrigerator and oven is a terrific idea.

It efficiently fills the area while minimizing heat transfer. The site is suitable for kitchen cabinets. It can be used to store pots and is heat-resistant. Both of them can be placed immediately close to the oven. Still, you need to leave a 5-10 cm space between them to allow airflow near the refrigerator.


I hope you now see the importance of keeping your kitchen orderly, appealing, and safe. I’d expressly point out the refrigerator and advise against placing it without considering ventilation. Keep your tools 5 to 10 inches away if you want to position them near the refrigerator.