Can an Old Refrigerator Water Filter Make you Sick (Editor Experiment)

Did you buy a refrigerator long ago? To know if a refrigerator filter is water safe, you need to understand how the filter works.


Carbon filters are used in refrigerator water filters. Some models of refrigerators have a water filter. This water filter has an activated carbon filter which purifies the water.

Since the issue is related to your health, it is essential to know the exact information.

The most important question is, can an old refrigerator water filter make you sick? Yes. It is possible! The old water filters can make you sick. The refrigerator’s carbon filter needs to be replaced after filtering 200 gallons of water, or the germs in the old filter can mix with the water, making you sick.

Is Filtered Water From the Refrigerator Safe?

According to North Carolina State University, carbon filters can remove organic compounds from water that can ruin the taste and odor of water. Again, the carbon filter works great to remove the water’s chlorine and the trihalomethanes.

On the other hand, this filter cannot remove the heavy metals in the water such as iron, magnesium, fluoride, arsenic, etc. Again, this filter cannot remove microorganisms or Coliform and E. coli bacteria.

NSF international said carbon filters can hold bacteria but cannot kill them permanently. That’s why Bacteria reproduce with the filter and block it by destroying its functionality. All you have to do is clean or change the refrigerator’s filter every day. Then it will not endanger your health.

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Can an old Refrigerator Water Filter Make You Sick?

You will notice that the carbon filter in the refrigerator’s water filter has tiny pores on it. I mentioned earlier that the carbon filter hardens but does not kill the bacteria or contaminants in the water.

In this way, they reproduce and clog the pores of the carbon filter. As a result, the filter loses its full functionality and can no longer filter out the various compounds in the water.

You may suffer from stomach and liver diseases, including waterborne diseases. Although it does not harm dental health and bone health, there is no doubt that you will get sick of using an old refrigerator filter.

About 19 million Americans are infected with waterborne diseases each year. So, don’t use an old refrigerator water filter. Use it after changing the Carbon filter.

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What are the Dangers of Not Changing the Water Filter?

I hope you can guess the answer to this question after reading the above part. Yet let me mention once again that I cannot compromise your health. The dangers of not changing the water filter are below.

  1. The filter’s pores will clog, and multiply the bacteria. The filter will not work correctly, and the infectious bacteria will mix with the water.
  2. You will find odor and tasteless water from the water filter. It may cause you to throw out instantly.
  3. Though the filtered water may look clean, it harbors harmful chemicals, contaminants, microorganisms, and substances.
  4. If you leave the water filter unchanged for a long time and take a glass of water from the glass, it may contain coliform and E-coli like bacteria. And I think you know the effect of these bacteria on your health.

Can I Use my Refrigerator Without the Water Filter?

Without the water filter, you can use your refrigerator until the bypass plug is installed. Although it can reduce the quality of the ice, it can even shorten the fridge’s life.

Some models of refrigerators do not require bypass plugs. They have water filters installed, but the bypass system works differently. The filters of these models have a cap that needs to be installed in place of the filter.

However, most refrigerators have water filters attached to the ice maker and water supplier. So, in general, you can use the fridge in addition to the water filter, but it may not help increase the self-life of your refrigerator.

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How to Change the Water Filter in the Fridge?

Everyone should change the water filter in your refrigerator every 4-6 months or after filtering 200 gallons of water. I am mentioning this method step by step.

Step 1: First, turn off the power to the icemaker and take out the old water filter from the fridge.

Step 2: Now, open it if you have a filter cover. For this, you have to twist it.

Step 3: Bring a new filter that matches your model. Check it carefully and put it on the cover.

Step 4: Install the new filter and press the water filter button.

Step 5: Finally, pour 2 gallons of water through the filter. You do not need to drink this water, but you can use it for your plant.


Refrigerators with water filters need special care. The filter needs to be changed from time to time because one glass of water from the old water filter can make you sick.