Can Cast Iron Go From Fridge To Oven [Guide, Problems & Solutions]

No, cast iron cannot go from fridge to oven.

Cast iron is very durable, making it a great material for cookware. Cast iron cookware such as skillets, dutch ovens, and pots can be used outdoors and indoors. Cast iron pans are very popular since they can manage heat.

Can Cast Iron Go From Fridge To Oven

A regular pan will not be able to stay hot and cool down after it has been taken out from the stove, but a cast iron pan will hold the temperatures and keep your food warm. 

Can Cast Iron Go from Fridge to Oven?

You cannot place your cast iron pan into an oven after taking it out from your fridge. It is important to know that, unlike any regular cooking pans, cast iron pans, when put on top of flames after being refrigerated, can cause cracks or might break the pan.

Instead, consider leaving your cast iron pan outside the fridge for about an hour before placing it on the hot stove or inside an oven. 

You need to know that you should not put a cast iron pan inside your refrigerator. The same goes for placing a cast iron in the freezer on water. It will cause the cast iron to break or crack. It is best to separate the food into a container and let the cast iron pan cool down naturally. 

Can le Creuset Go from Fridge to Oven?

You can put a Le Creuset from fridge to oven under certain circumstances. Unlike cast iron, Le Creuset will not break when placed in a refrigerator, but you cannot place it in a fridge straight from the stove. The sudden temperature change can cause the Le Creuset to crack, but that doesn’t stop you from putting it in your fridge.

Make sure the temperature is moderate. You can place your le Creuset in a fridge without worrying about cracked cookware. 

Can you Put Enameled Cast Iron in the Oven?


You can put enameled cast iron in the oven. Enameled cast iron is a versatile material to use in cooking. That includes placing it on stoves, flames, and a bonfire. It is excellent when dealing with high temperatures.

You can stir-fry, slow cook, and even put it in extremely high temperatures, and it will be fine. It can handle any heat at ease. You can also place the enameled cast iron in the fridge.

But something that needs to be considered is the quality of the enameled cast iron. Only a good quality enameled cast iron can help manage the heat and retain its form. Enameled cast iron is not scratch-proof.

So don’t use any scrubs or harsh cleaning products to avoid scratches. It is best to wash it hot since there will be no time for the stains to dry. 

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Can you put the Dutch oven from fridge to oven?

Yes, you can put a dutch oven from fridge to oven.

A Dutch oven is a reliable cookware for your kitchen. A Dutch oven is made of pure iron, making it super durable when dealing with heat sources. But don’t be surprised when you see Dutch ovens made of enameled aluminum or ceramic since they are relatively common.

You might put your Dutch oven in the fridge after your dinner and want to place it on the stove the following day, but should you do that?

Cast iron is durable when dealing with heat, but all cookware leads to thermal shock and might damage your cookware. There is a way to heat your Dutch oven when it’s cold, but you need to do this slowly. You cannot put your Dutch oven on direct flames; instead, place it on low heat and let it slowly become warm. 

FAQs: Related Asked Question

Q. Can I put cast iron in the freezer?

You can freeze any pan, and that includes cast iron as well. But do remember not to place your cast iron pan straight on the stove after taking it out of the freezer. Doing so will lead to a thermal shock causing your cast iron pan to crack or break. 

Q. How long does a Dutch oven stay hot?

Dutch ovens are super-efficient when it comes to cooking. The heat spreads evenly throughout the cast iron pan. A Dutch oven is famous for staying hot even after the pot is removed from the stove. The Dutch oven can stay hot up to 30-40 minutes after removing it from the heat source. 


Every house must have a cast iron pan, pot, or Dutch oven in modern times. It has become a necessity for cooking. If you don’t see a person using a cast iron pan for its advantages, that person doesn’t know the basics of cooking.

Cast iron is durable and can manage heat evenly and longer, making it ideal cookware to carry anywhere. But do remember that cast iron cookware is heavy, so carrying them for camping could be hard and might take up extra space if you carry a regular cast iron pan.