Can Cockroach Eggs Survive Freezing (Follow the Rules)

No, cockroach eggs cannot survive freezing.

In any closed space like a household, storage, kitchen, or bathroom, cockroaches are the main problem of the owners. It is mainly because it is hard to keep them in control. Slight unawareness can lead to a massive growth of cockroaches.


Cockroaches can take a share in your food when you leave it uncovered or cut your precious dress that you were planning to wear at an event. If you think that is enough, wait until you know that they carry diseases like cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, etc. 

Can Cockroach Eggs Survive Freezing?

Similar to some other animals, cockroaches and cockroach eggs are also cold-blooded. It means their body can’t resist extreme cold and hot temperatures. So both cockroach and cockroach eggs cannot survive freezing.

One of the main reasons cockroaches are not immune to high and low temperatures is their body structure. Animals that can bear such temperature must have high fur or a hard shell that provides insulation or thin skin. Cockroaches lack both of these features. 

Can Roaches Survive in the Refrigerator?

Since roaches are prone to very high and very low temperatures, it is essential to check the temperature of your refrigerator.

Generally, refrigerators are clocked at a minimum of 4 degrees celsius. It means that your refrigerator cannot go any lower than this temperature. The roaches cannot survive any temperature below 0 degrees celsius, which means they can survive in your refrigerator.

What could be a better place than a food locker for cockroaches to be?

So cockroaches can survive in your refrigerator even under the low temperature present inside your refrigerator. However, it will be a different case for cockroach eggs. Even if you have roaches inside your refrigerator and you are worried about them multiplying, it is safe to say that they cannot do that.

They can lay eggs inside your refrigerator, but they will not hatch. Like chicken eggs that need enough warmth for the proper growth of a chick, cockroach eggs need the same. And even if they were able to hatch, the soft shell of a baby cockroach cannot survive such a condition inside the refrigerator, and ultimately, it will face its death. 

It is also important to know that cold temperatures don’t kill cockroaches. You might have noticed that you can hardly find cockroaches running across your house in winter.

During winter, cockroaches look for warmer places to seek shelter. If your house stays cold throughout the winter, it is most likely that cockroaches will not come near your house and will look for a warmer house.

But that doesn’t mean that your house is safe from cockroaches. There still might be roaches hiding inside your drawers or cupboards and going for hibernation. Hibernation will save them from winter, and they can be active in summer. 

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What Cold Temperature kills Cockroach Eggs?

It is challenging for cockroaches to survive at 0 degrees celsius and below. Even though cockroaches can survive below or above their preferred temperature, they can still survive and adapt to a new temperature easily.

Cockroaches can hardly survive 4 hours in such low temperatures until they are found dead. It is safe to say that if a cockroach sneaks into your freezer, it cannot match the environment inside the freezer and will eventually die. 

How do you Kill Cockroach Eggs?


There are many ways you can deal with cockroaches, but there are few ways to deal with cockroach eggs. It is because cockroach eggs are hard to find. They are inside your house but in such places that can be trickier to reach.

For example behind your closet, under the bed frame etc. If there is a problem, there is a solution as well. Whenever you find a cockroach egg, destroy it by destroying the egg. You will probably find two types of cockroach eggs: active egg and dry egg. 

Active Cockroach egg

They are dark brown. These eggs are basically in the process of hatching. When an active egg is destroyed, there is always liquid stuff present inside. Often the liquid stuff will let you know that the egg would hatch later in the period.

An active egg can be hard to break since the outer layer is tougher to protect it from damage. Often an active egg is being hit by an object, it can fall off as a whole. Use an object to hit the egg and destroy it.

Dried out cockroach egg

They are slightly lighter in color compared to the active egg. There is no liquid present inside the egg. It is mainly because something might have obstructed the growth of the cockroach, which ultimately made the egg dry out as time passed. When an object hits the egg, it will crack into pieces.

Since cockroach eggs are hard to find, targeting cockroaches sounds good. If you can remove all the cockroaches from your house, there will be no problem in the future. There are numerous ways you can get rid of cockroaches from your home.

  • Freezing

Since cockroaches cannot bear too high or too low temperatures, you can use this. It is indeed a great method, but unfortunately, you cannot apply this with many cockroaches present in your house.

All you need is a small box full of cockroaches which you can put inside the freezer. It might sound like a great example, but many people might not like the idea of putting cockroaches inside the freezer. If you are one of them, check the methods below and select one that fits your liking. 

  • Traps

Traps have been an effective method to catch many animals, including cockroaches. Set traps in those places where you have seen cockroaches frequently. It is possible that there could be a large school of cockroaches living in those areas.

Since you are using a trap, baits are a must. Try using something with fragrances like cheese. Do not put traps in a single place; instead, set traps at multiple places and rotate spots now and then.  

  • Poison 

Like traps, poison is also an effective method of quickly getting rid of cockroaches. You will find many products that are non-harmful for human beings yet super effective against roaches. Products like gel and power are found at every supermarket, and they are super affordable. But so make sure that pets and children don’t come in contact with these products as they can be hazardous for babies, especially when engulfed. 

  • Drains

The most commonplace for cockroaches to be is in drains. Make sure you keep the drainage line clean. There has to be no blockage that stops the dirty water from leaving your house. Use medicine to keep the drainage clean, like bleaching powder. Roaches are often found in kitchen sinks or bathroom sinks. Use naphthol, a white circular shaped tablet, to keep roaches away from the sinks. 

  • Professional advice

Contact an expert for further guidance after applying all the methods if there is still a surplus amount of roaches present in your house.

FAQs: Related Asked Question

Q. Can Roaches live after Being Frozen?

No, cockroaches cannot live after being frozen but do make sure what temperature you are considering. Typically roaches die when the temperature reaches zero degrees celsius and below.

You cannot consider a refrigerator or fridge to kill roaches since both the appliances cannot reach such temperatures and it will be a cold bath for them. If there is a cockroach inside your refrigerator, it can easily adapt to the temperature of your refrigerator and might lead a better life. 

Q. How long can roach eggs survive?

A cockroach egg will hatch approximately 28 days after the female cockroach has laid the egg. So it is safe to say that a cockroach egg can survive one whole month. Anything about this time could result in a faulty egg. 


Among many other household pest problems, cockroaches, bed bugs, and rats are the things to worry about since they can cause uncountable damage. When it comes to cockroaches, they must not be taken lightly. Roaches can be hard to control because they can multiply their numbers without you noticing anything. That is why you are here for solutions, and I hope you are provided with what you are seeking.