Can Eggo Waffles be Refrigerated (Quick Guide)

Yes, Eggo waffles can be refrigerated.

Waffles are a fantastic delicacy to our food varieties. Here is a general knowledge question for you: Where was waffles’ origin?


Many of you might know this, but Belgium is the origin of waffles. Nowadays, waffles are everywhere, starting from the restaurant’s dessert section, street foods, and homemade breakfasts. Waffles go with anything as long as it is sweet and savory.

In this article, you will learn how to refrigerate waffles, so consider reading till the end to learn all about waffles. 

How Long can Eggo Waffles Sit Out?

Since waffles are food and similar to other foods, they will go bad when it sits out. It is safe to say that any waffles left outside for 2 hours or more should not be eaten. There is a possibility that the waffles now have bacteria and can cause food poisoning.

More importantly, any waffles left outside for more than an hour will dampen as waffles have air pockets inside. The texture will get soggy and initially lower its taste. 

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Can Eggo Waffles be Refrigerated?

You can refrigerate waffles as long as they are not left outside for more than an hour. It is because leaving the waffle out in the open will make it lose its texture, and refrigerating will do you no benefit but to save it from waste.

If you change your mind and consider refrigerating, do it after the waffles cool down. Refrigerating a fresh waffle will hold its texture and taste even after heating it later. In this way, you can save your food from going to waste and still get to eat fresh waffles whenever you want.

Can Eggo Waffles be Refrozen?

Yes, you can refreeze waffles if they are not left outside for more than 2 hours. It is important to know that food left outside for a few hours has a greater chance of having bacteria in it. Since bacteria cannot spread when the food is stored in the freezer, that doesn’t make the food edible.

Instead, consider refreezing fresh waffles that have not been left out in the open to be sure that there is no bacteria contamination on your food. It is vital for refreezing any food since keeping it out in the open increases the chances of bacteria contamination. 

How Long do Eggo Waffles Last in the Freezer?

Depending on how you store them, waffles can last for a few weeks and up to 2-3 months. Since waffles are made of a mixture of egg, flour, and many tiny pockets of air, you probably think they will last for a year, but that is not the case. To be more precise with the numbers, waffles will generally last for a few weeks or 3-4 weeks.

But it is possible to make it last longer. The trick is to use airtight bags. Since waffles have air, it is important to hold the air inside the waffles to keep the balance of the food.

If you refrigerate curry and the spice has been soaked up by the vegetables, will it taste the same? That is the same for waffles. 

What Will Happen if Frozen Waffles are Left out Overnight?

If frozen waffles are left out overnight, they will go bad. It is mainly because of the temperature change. Sudden temperature can cause any food to go bad after being taken out of the freezer. Frozen waffles will go bad faster than fresh waffles that have been left at the counter.

No doubt frozen waffles left overnight will go bad in just a few hours. Frozen waffles will go bad in 2 hours after you leave them open. Instead, let the waffles defrost for about 30 minutes, then slowly heat the waffles till it’s hot. 


Waffles can be a fantastic addition to our daily diet. It’s zero fat makes it the best choice for your morning breakfast. You can always refrigerate waffles if you think it’s more than enough for you and eat them later. Refrigerating waffles will ensure that they are safe from any bacteria and last longer. You can always heat them after defrosting them and make them lively again.