Can Freezer Burn Make You Sick? (Answer & FAQ)

As a health-conscious person, you must be concerned about the safety of freezer burn food. The disadvantage of freezer burn food is that the original taste and texture of the food change. But it is not unsafe to eat.


Did you know that the real taste of food is in the water molecules in the food? But the test changes because the water molecules in the freezer burn food, dry out and turn into water crystals. However, you can get rid of this test with a simple technique and a few steps.

But, can the freezer burn to make you sick? No. We did not find such logical evidence at all. However, fish, meat, vegetable, and fruits should seal food boxes or plastic bags in the freezer. Then it will burn minor, and this process will protect the test a lot.

What Does Freezer Burn Look Like? 

First of all, we have to know what freezer burn is. Frozen food is called freezer burn food when damaged by dehydration and oxidation due to air reaching the food. In this case, the water molecules inside the fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat turn into ice crystals.

When the meat Freezer burns, it loses moisture from its outer surface and turns grey, brown, or grey-brown. On the other hand, freezers burn fruits and vegetables, or other foods may have a granular texture or look dry and hard.

When the freezer burns, the fruits and vegetables dry out to no longer remain in a juicy state. If they are defrosted, the natural color changes.

The freezer burns fish, and the meat is covered with pale colors. This is because the flesh cells dry out, and its taste and texture change from the natural.

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What Does Freezer Burn Look Like on Chicken?


Freezer burns happen when moisture from the outer layer of the food evaporates into the air in the freezer and show a “dry” pocket in the food tissue. In addition, some enzymes that can digest food become inactive in the freezer at temperatures below 0⁰ Fahrenheit.

If the chicken is kept below 0⁰ Fahrenheit, it will burn in the freezer. As a result, some external changes can be seen.

White or white-grey and dry-looking spots appear around one or more edges of the freezer burn chicken pieces. The grey color is seen in the appearance of skinless chicken pieces. But there is no reason to think that eating it is unsafe. You have to cook with more spices and herbs.

Can Freezer Burn to Make you Sick?

There is no evidence that freezer burn food makes anyone sick. According to USDA, we came to know it is safe to consume freezer burn food. 

When the top surface of food kept in the freezer becomes dehydrated, the water dries up and becomes ice crystals. As a result, the outer layer of vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat dries up. In this case, the freezer burn is considered to have occurred. 

So the change will be seen in the test of food as usual. But it is still safe to eat this food because no perishable or harmful bacteria can grow or survive at low temperatures in the freezer. Keep in mind that freezer burns to affect only quality, not safety. 

But I would recommend not eating raw freezer burn food. You will cook and eat freezer burn food well.

So freezer burn food will not make you sick. You can safely cook and eat. 

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How to Get rid of Freezer Burn Taste?

Freezer burn food tastes a bit different, but it depends on what kind of food and how much has been burned. However, there are ways to prevent it before it burns. However, if it does burn, you can get rid of the freezer burn test by following this process.

How to improve the taste of freezer burn meat 

When the chicken, mutton, beef, and turkey are burned in the freezer, the discoloration can be seen on the outer surface. In that case, discolor should cut off the part with more discoloration. The rest can be cooked stew, soup, and curry with more spices.

How to improve the taste of freezer burn fruits 

The taste of freezer-burn fruit is not so bad. The fruit will be fresh if you take it out of the freezer and soak it in water. Then, peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. It tastes like fresh fruit.

How to improve the taste of freezer burn fish

In the case of fish, first, you have to see how much it has been burnt. Then you have to cut the dry and discolor parts. This time marinating with sauce can make the fish into a sauce with spices, herbs, and spices, marinated with it and cooked. This way will restore the taste of fish.

How to improve the taste of freezer burn vegetables 

The taste of freezer burn vegetables is not very bad. However, once it is taken out of the freezer and dehydrated, it returns to its previous state. Most of these vegetables are cooked with onion, garlic, herbs, and spices to get a natural taste.

Is Freezer Burn Meat safe to Eat?


The albumin and globulin proteins in muscle are hardened at temperatures below 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit. After the ice crystals are melted, and the meat is restored, the proteins do not soften. Instead, it stays solid even after cooking. And when the flesh is dissolved, the proteins remain insoluble.

However, it does not change the nutritional value of meat. Adding salt and keeping it in the freezer can restore a little bit of the meat’s moisture.

If you want to reduce the freezer burn a bit, you can seal the pieces of meat in an airtight box or plastic bag. Then, you can keep it in the freezer for 1-2 years and eat the meat. After that, it is entirely safe to consume, which is proven by an experiment. 

FAQs: Related Asked Question

Q. Does freezer burn ruin food?

Freezer burn can alter the chemical composition of food. As a result, its smell, test, and texture are affected only, but it is still safe to eat freezer burn food.

Q2. Can freezer burn give you diarrhea?

USDA officially declared that freezer burn food is safe to take and will not put you towards the sickness. Moreover, when you test a freezer burn food, you may notice some off-taste. But I can ensure that freezer burn food will not give you diarrhea if you cook the freezer burn vegetables and meat properly. 

Q3. Can freezer burn to make you throw up?

It depends on how you cook the food. Since the freezer burns meat and vegetables with different tastes and textures, you will not get natural flavours. You have to cook the freezer-burn food with spices and herbs. 


I hope you got the correct information about freezer burn food. If you want to buy a freezer now, feel free to buy one. It will facilitate your kitchen work. Also, you can store fish and meat for a long time, so you don’t have to go to the super shop every day to buy food.