Can Fridge Water Make You Sick? [Problems & Solutions]

Are you concerned about drinking water from the refrigerator? It would be best if you first determined how effective your refrigerator’s filtration system is. Activated carbon filters are typically found in refrigerators, but you shouldn’t use them for long.


Now the question is, can fridge water make you sick? It depends on whether and how long ago you put a filter in your refrigerator. You risk becoming sick if you drink water from a fridge with a more than a year-old filter.

Is fridge water filtered?

Through a triple filtration procedure, most refrigerator water dispensers make it simple to acquire clean water. You cannot, however, call this water 100 percent pure.

Every refrigerator with a water or ice dispenser has an inbuilt filter to ensure the water being dispensed is clean and suitable for drinking. The microorganisms in the water cannot be removed by the carbon filter within, though. 

Once more, the filter needs to be replaced every six months. If not, bacteria will start to grow, and the filter will become clogged. So, It is not always possible to rely on refrigerator water filters to eliminate all germs that could be dangerous to anyone drinking that water.

Can fridge water make you sick?

Though not as healthy as boiling water or water from your home filter, refrigerator water is still better than bottled water due to the toxins present in water stored in plastic bottles. 

The water in the refrigerator does, however, contain impurities. Salmonella and coliform are the two most prevalent germs in refrigerator water, both of which can make you ill. However, it is based on your immunity.

Can an old refrigerator water filter make you sick?


I already mentioned that you should replace the refrigerator’s water filter every six months to avoid getting sick. You are aware that using old water filters is terrible for your health.

Activated carbon is one of refrigerator water filters’ most widely utilized filter media. The oxygen treatment of activated carbon releases millions of minuscule, incredibly absorbent pores that trap bacteria, smells, and volatile chemical compounds in the water.

In that instance, bacteria or other things in the water plug the holes in the old carbon filter. The filter can no longer clean the water as a result. It will consequently contaminate the water supply or spread other diseases.

Can charcoal water filters make you sick?


Any substance can be bound by the enormous surface area of activated charcoal. Instead of absorbing poisons, it draws them to the surface of its body. Aside from this feature, the item has no flavor or fragrance. 

It is also suitable for entire home water filter systems because it does not include any hazardous elements. So you need not worry about getting sick by drinking charcoal water filter water.

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Can mold grow in the refrigerator water line?

The water line in your refrigerator, which supplies the ice maker and water dispenser, might exhibit various unpleasant symptoms because it is constantly exposed to water. If you have hard water, it can accumulate mineral deposits and create mold and algae.

So every six to twelve months, the refrigerator water line needs to be cleaned. How can you tell if mold has developed in your refrigerator’s water line then? Note the following indications.

« When you run the water, sour or musty smells of mold is spread throughout the residence.

« The presence of “growing filth” in the tank and surrounding your toilet.

« When you change the refrigerator filter, there is a strong mold odor.

« Mold growing around your house.

« Strong mold odor while taking refrigerator water.

FAQs: Related Asked Question

Q. Is filtered water from the refrigerator safe for babies?

Babies typically have weak immune systems. As a result, kids always receive fresh meals. Water from a refrigerator is ice cold, which is unsuitable for infants. Additionally, this water is not as pure as it should be for a baby. So it’s not safe for babies. 

Q. Can not changing your fridge water filter make you sick?

Inevitable! The refrigerator filter loses its ability to remove pollutants from water if it isn’t changed for an extended time. As a result, it continues to contain bacteria, viruses, and other chemicals. As a result, if you consume it, you will become sick.


If you wish to drink refrigerator water, replace the carbon filter every few months. If not, there is a danger that you will become ill. However, it is best to avoid giving this water to infants, the elderly, and sick people.