Can I Freeze an Impossible Burger (Yes!)

Yes, you can freeze impossible burgers.

Impossible burgers are trendy nowadays, and if you don’t know what an impossible burger is, it is plant-based meat. It has become a challenge to sustain food for the entire nation when the consumption of red meat has already exceeded 350 million tons per year and is still rising.


Luckily plant-based meat is an excellent alternative for this. Impossible meat has become the nation’s favorite plant-based meat because impossible meat tastes and is prepared the same way as regular meat. It is a great alternative to ground beef.

You can try out different recipes like tacos, burger patties, etc. 

Can I Freeze an Impossible Burger?

Absolutely! You can freeze an impossible burger in your refrigerator or freezer without worrying about the meat spoiling. But it is important to remember that an opened packet of the impossible burger will last shorter than an intake one.

An opened packet of the impossible burger will last for 1-2 weeks, but it won’t taste good. It is not because the plant-based meat will spoil, but it will lose its texture.

If your impossible burger has not been opened, check the date labeled on the packet to know its expiry date. It is recommended to freeze your impossible burger for up to 3 days. It will ensure that the next time you eat your plant-based meat, it still tastes fresh. 

How Should I Store an Impossible Burger?

Since the impossible burger is an alternative to red meat, you can store it just like regular meat. Simply put it in your refrigerator or freezer to keep it fresh, making it last longer. But make sure you don’t open a sealed packet without planning to use it since it will make your plant-based meat last shorter.

Generally, it is best to consume an impossible burger within 3-10 days as it will taste fresh. Anything more than 10 days will lose its texture completely, and it might not have the same taste as it was when freshly bought. 

It might make sense to store an impossible burger in an airtight container, but it will not be much helpful since plant-based meat will start to lose its texture when it gets into contact with the air.

But what is possible is to open it when you think you can finish one packet. Most probably when there is a party in your house, and you want to prepare dishes from ground beef. 

How long do Impossible Burgers last in the Freezer?

Since impossible burgers are plant-based meat, you can expect them to last for months, but unfortunately, that is not the case here. You can expect an impossible burger to last for a few weeks when it’s in airtight condition. Once the packet is opened, it will last for 10 days.

It doesn’t matter if you store the impossible burgers inside a freezer or refrigerator. But it could be better to store the impossible burgers inside a freezer since the freezer will turn the meat into ice. Turning the meat into ice will allow it to stop forming water around the meat and hold the texture and shape.

But keeping it inside a freezer will not affect the expiry date of the meat. Impossible burgers are best when cooked cold, and thus an impossible frozen burger will taste better.


Impossible burgers are a great addition to our food source. Many people have been supporting vegan foods, which made them more aware of the planet earth. It is indeed a great approach to making a beautiful country. Plant-based meat can also be called healthy since regular red meat can trigger cholesterol levels and blood pressure in the human body.