Can I Freeze Chicken And Rice? You should know!

Chicken and rice can both be frozen.

Chicken and rice are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Rice is a staple food in many parts of the world like India, Bangladesh, China, and the Philippines and consumed throughout the world. Chicken is high in protein and the best food for body development.


What to do when you have excess food?

You store them with safety. Storing food stocks has become easier after the invention of the freezer, and thus you can keep chicken and rice. 

Can you Freeze Cooked White Rice?

Indeed you can freeze cooked white rice and not just white rice but also brown and fried rice. When stored inside a freezer, rice can stay edible for upto a whole month. But, the health experts do not advise it. Instead, leftover rice should be consumed within a week if possible. 

There has to be no fixed way to store it. You can use containers or plastic bags full of cooked rice inside the freezer. What needs your attention is whether you are storing the cooked rice when it is hot.

When cooked rice is boxed hot, the closed box will form water drops on the lid, making your rice watery. Rice stored with water will eventually soften the texture of the rice and make it lose its taste and texture of the rice. People believe that this can also spoil the rice faster. 

How Long Can you Freeze Cooked Rice?

Generally speaking, cooked rice can be stored inside a freezer for almost 1-2 months. But health experts recommend that you store cooked rice for up to a month. You can do this by making sure you put the rice in a plastic airtight bag or an airtight container, thus keeping the texture of the rice intact.

In this way, the rice will turn into ice, and when you defrost and heat the rice, it will taste like freshly cooked rice straight from a rice cooker. And do make sure that you let the rice cool down before you freeze the rice since the boxed hot rice will turn the gas into water drops. 

Can You Freeze Rice and Chicken Casserole?

You can undoubtedly freeze chicken and rice casserole without being worried at all. Chicken can be frozen, both cooked and uncooked. But make sure not to store cooked chicken and uncooked chicken in the same freezer.

It is because raw meat has bacteria in it, and if meat is eaten raw, it can show some health problems. When meat is cooked, those bacteria are killed, thus making it safe for your body. Putting cooked chicken and raw chicken will cause a reaction called cross-contamination.

The bacteria inside the raw chicken will transfer into the cooked chicken and make it unhealthy for your body. 

Rice casserole can be stored inside a freezer, and it will keep the food fresh for a few weeks. It should allow you to enjoy your tasty rice casserole next weekend. 

Can I Freeze Chicken and Rice?

Yes, you can freeze both chicken and rice. Chicken can be frozen in raw and cooked form and still hold its texture. But how long? You can freeze raw meat for one month and cooked chicken for 7 days.

And if you even want to distinguish whether the raw chicken was frozen or not, take a look at the bones under the meat. If the chicken is frozen, the bone will have a red tone. If the chicken is fresh, the bone will be white. And just like chicken, you can store rice as well. The rice will last more or less a month until it loses its texture. 

How Long Can you Freeze Chicken and Rice?

You can freeze raw chicken for up to 9 months if you completely freeze chopped chicken pieces, whereas a whole chicken can be stored for as long as a year. You can also freeze the cooked chicken, which will last about 3-4 months.

This will allow a lot of food to be washed down the pipe.

Rice can also be frozen, and you can freeze cooked rice and uncooked rice. You can freeze it for up to 1 or 2 months for cooked rice, and it will still taste the same after you defrost and heat it properly. You can freeze it for over a year for uncooked rice, and it should be perfectly fine. 


Globally about 11% of food is being wasted by people. Research shows that Americans waste about a pound of food every day, and you can probably guess how much food is wasted worldwide. Indeed, freezing food has saved a lot of food from being wasted. More importantly, frozen foods are yet edible, and they can save your money and save it from going to waste.