Can I Freeze Protein Shake? (Absolutely Not?)

Protein shakes are the top choice for health-conscious people. But, often, I face a problem like my protein supplementation target is already done for the day and some protein shakes are still in the bottle. So, what to do with the leftover protein shakes?


There are several options, like throwing out the leftover, keeping them at room temperature, or keeping it in the freeze.

The last one is my favorite option. But is there any problem associated with freezing the protein shakes? For example, does it ruin the taste or degenerate protein molecules? These are the questions that always comes to people’s mind before freezing the shakes.

Absolutely not; it’s completely OK to freeze protein shakes for 48-96 hours. You will get the same taste after taking it out of the freeze. But, you should not freeze the shakes for longer; icy particles may appear in some low carb-high protein shakes.

Can I Freeze Protein Shakes?

Of course, you can. Don’t worry about losing all the nutrients by freezing your drinks. A protein shake is not harmed by freezing; however, it doesn’t respond well to wetness. 

Taking a bottle in and out of the fridge or freezer might generate condensation on the bottle’s interior, which might spoil your shakes. Therefore, keep your protein shakes in an airtight bottle in a cool, quiet cabinet for optimal effects. 

However, freezy protein shakes can be a refreshing ice treat on hot summer days or after a workout. 

How Do You Store Frozen Protein Shakes?

Before you consider keeping your protein shake in a freeze, make sure it’s thoroughly combined. Nobody wants to drink with powder lumps in their mouth. Also, you can feel some unpleasant shocks if the substance you pick mixes but the substance does not mix well. 

Protein Shakes or others stuff like smoothies or juice can be frozen in any container. Mason jars, shakers, or almost any bottle will do it ideally.

If you want to have shakes in the morning or as a snack, combine your drink correctly and store it in a container the day before.

What Happens When You Freeze Protein?

We freeze our protein items whenever we wish to keep them safe. It appears to be a pretty straightforward and safe procedure.

But sometimes, the question arises, “How can we ensure that our proteins remain steady and functioning after being frozen”?

Scientists frequently make the error of assuming that proteins are unaffected by storage conditions. However, freezing for a long time can result in protein loss, functional impairment, and structural changes. 

Can Whey Protein Freeze?

Protein powder should not be stored in the refrigerator or freezer because the repeated transition from hot to cold as a container is brought in and out might generate condensation, which can cause your protein powder to spoil the termination date. 

You run the danger of spoiling or reducing the protein’s power life if you store it in a usually warmer than 70°F or any region with excessive humidity or moisture.

Therefore, it’s better to store whey protein powder in a firmly covered tube, box, or zip lock bag. 

Can You Freeze Boost Drinks?

Yes, it’s absolutely fine! If you freeze your freezy drinks, the nutrients and digestibility of the protein will not be affected. 

But, if you choose to freeze your boost drinks and then microwave them, you may have some complications.


If you’d prefer not to have to make your protein shake at the moment and instead enjoy your ready-made protein shakes on those stressful days, you can easily store them.  Not just that, but freezing keeps the protein and substance pure, so you can be assured that your regular dose will not be disrupted.