Can I Put My Crockpot In The Fridge After Cooking

Crockpots should not be placed inside a fridge after cooking or when it’s hot.

A crockpot is a well-known and widely used cooking appliance around the world. Crockpots are called slow cookers in the UK. Crockpots can be very useful for large and busy families. Since large families use crockpots, it is possible to generate leftovers.


Now the question is what to do with this leftover food?

It is a great idea to store your Crockpot in the refrigerator.  It might seem like a good idea to place your hot Crockpot full of food in the refrigerator, but many things can go wrong.

In this article, I will discuss whether it is safe to put your Crockpot in the refrigerator and how to put a crockpot in the fridge safely. 

Can I Put my Crockpot in the Fridge After Cooking?

No, you cannot put your Crockpot in the fridge after cooking. There are certain conditions under which you can refrigerate things, and temperature is one.

It is not advisable to put a piping hot dish inside your fridge as it can cause sudden temperature changes, leading to overheating and sudden shutdowns. The temperature change inside your fridge will put loads on your compressor and result in a faulty compressor over time. 

When it comes to refrigerating a crockpot, it is essential to know some limitations. A crockpot is not like the traditional cookware that you can heat and remove to cook down.

Instead, a crockpot is modern cookware that takes up electricity as a heat source to cook your food. There are coils on the bottom of the Crockpot which heat up with the help of electricity.

On the inside, there is a pot that contains the ingredients of your food. So when it comes to putting your Crockpot in the fridge, it is important not to put the whole setup inside the fridge since water and cold temperatures can damage the electric parts inside your Crockpot. 

Can I Leave Food in the Slow Cooker Overnight?

Yes, you can leave food in the slow cooker overnight. The invention of the slow cooker has brought peace for many moms in families.


It is mainly because now moms can have some rest while the food is being prepared overnight but should you use a slow cooker overnight? Make sure you tick the below points before leaving your slow cooker overnight.

Function slow cooker

You can use a slow cooker as long as you have a fully functional slow cooker. The last thing you would want is to wake up from your sleep in a firehouse. Not to forget how dangerous flames can be when they run bizarre.  In the past, many incidents occurred due to fire, and numerous deaths have been recorded. So make sure you have a fully functional slow cooker before turning it on overnight.

Power consumption 

It might not be an issue for many people, but running a slow cooker overnight can consume much more energy. Since slow cookers run on electricity, it has coils built-in, which keep your food warm. So consider the amount of power your slow cooker will consume if you leave it turned on every night.


Slow cookers are meant to be for cooking and not for heating. Many moms might leave food inside slow cookers overnight to keep their food warm. 

Problem with Slow Cooking

Among some problems with slow cookers, the most common problem is food poisoning. Slow cookers can only keep your food warm for up to 4 hours before the food loses all its nutrients.

It might not be visible to your eyes, but consuming these foods for a few days can show signs of food poisoning. Another reason to avoid slow cooking is that the more you cook your food, the more it loses the dish’s texture. Eventually, you will find that your food will become soggy the more you leave it inside the slow cooker, and it lacks freshness. 

How to Store Slow Cooker Leftovers?

It is quite common even for small families to have leftovers after meals, similar to many large families.

Since leaving the leftover food inside the slow cooker will consume more energy and lose the texture, storing it in a container box and putting it in the fridge is better. In this way, your food will stay longer, fresh, and healthy. 

You can place your slow cooker inside the fridge, but it will take more space. Do not put the electrical component inside the fridge as it might be dangerous for your fridge and your slow cooker. You can use sealed packets to store your food in the freezer to ensure it holds its texture. 


Slow cookers are best when you follow the instructions and don’t try to overdo stuff. With the current world and the expenses of things around you, it might make sense to limit your unnecessary expenses, including leaving your slow cooker overnight. With advanced technologies comes greater risk. You should consider them as well for your family’s safety over your comfortability.