Can I run my Samsung refrigerator without the water filter?

A modern addition to the refrigerator is the water filter. Samsung is a well-known brand of refrigerators. Some models come with a fridge that purifies the water in the refrigerator to make it drinkable. It is expensive but effortless to install. But it has to be changed after 6- 7 months.


Is it wise to run my Samsung refrigerator without the water filter? Yes. Maximum refrigerator water filters like Samsung can run without a water filter as long as its bypass plug is installed.

Can I run my Samsung refrigerator without the water filter?

The majority of Samsung refrigerator water and ice dispensers operate without the need for a water filter. When no filter is present, or the filter is locked, water can travel through the housing of the water filter via rotary valves.

Which Samsung refrigerator model comes with a water filter?

The water filter cartridge for the Samsung  

  • RF4287HARS, 
  • RS27t5200SR,
  • RS27t5200sg/AA,
  • RF28R7351SG/AA,
  • RF23J9011SG/AA,

Samsung refrigerators also include a warning system that notifies you when the filter needs to be changed. The red filter indicator will appear, and an alert will sound when a new filter is required.

It is intended to last roughly six months and needs to be changed when the filter indicator light goes red.

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How do you bypass the water filter on a Samsung refrigerator?

The water filter in your refrigerator is typically easy to bypass. The filters for Samsung refrigerators are pricey.

I’ll describe how the DA29-00012A filter can be used to “bypass” something without actually doing so. The holder is integrated into the fridge; it would be inconvenient to exclude it; there is how you do it:

Carefully cut a used filter where the pieces were glued together. Remove the content, clean it within it, then reassemble it with adhesive.

PVC pipe glue works well for this since it binds the case together. A thin piece of PVC material will ensure the water tightness of the bond over the adhesive seam.

Your light should now be expected, and you can use a good external filter as necessary. That filter won’t ever need to be changed again. External filters cost substantially less and last for 1-2 years.

What happens if you don’t replace the Samsung water filter? 

As your water filter begins to wear out, it will become less effective at filtering out the various chemicals, minerals, and microbes that may be present in the water supply.

Failure to replace the water filter in your refrigerator can result in deposit building and scaling in the water and ice maker, seriously compromising the health of your refrigerator. This buildup typically causes the system to slow down, necessitating low flow and adversely altering your water’s flavor.


Maximum refrigerator can run without a water filter until the bypass plug has been installed. Suppose you use or want to buy a Samsung refrigerator, then you must know all the facts that I mentioned earlier. So now, which model do you prefer?