Is Amana a Good brand of Refrigerators? Pros & Cons

Are you thinking of buying a new refrigerator at an affordable price with the standard quality? If you have already set up your mind about buying the refrigerator, Amana refrigerators can be a good choice. 


Today, I would like to talk about the brand Amana refrigerators. Many customers are interested in knowing about the Amana refrigerators’ quality and services. As the days pass, Amana refrigerators are developing the model and design of the refrigerators.

Four years ago, I bought this refrigerator brand, and it is still working well. So I thought of sharing my ideas about the Amana refrigerators. 

Is Amana a Good Brand of Refrigerators?

In recent times, Amana refrigerators are among the most selling refrigerators in the market, and many people are pleased with the outcome of this brand of refrigerators. They are affordable, durable, and reliable refrigerators, and I love this brand. 

This brand has been making excellent quality refrigerators for more than 80 years. So you see how trustworthy the brand is.

Before reviewing one of my favorite Amana refrigerators, I would like to show you some vital information through the table. I hope this table will help you find the best refrigerators you are looking for. 

Why is Amana a Good Brand of Refrigerators?

Amana refrigerators have been gaining the trust of many people as many users find them durable, reliable, and trustworthy. You will discover many refrigerators in the market, but choosing the correct refrigerator is essential.

The brand Amana can be a good choice if you think of replacing the old one with a new refrigerator. Now, let’s know why Amana is a good brand of refrigerators. 

Freshness control: It smells when we keep fish or meat in the refrigerator. However, many Amana refrigerators feature freshness control that helps to keep the fridge free from bad smells. 

Electronic temperature control: These refrigerators feature electronic temperature control that helps maintain the temperatures and keeps the food, fruits, and vegetables healthy and fresh. 

Ice maker and water dispenser: Some models of Amana refrigerators have external ice makers and water dispensers, and some have internal water dispensers that produce fresh and clean water. These refrigerators can produce pure and safe water because the water dispensers of these refrigerators can be adjusted with the PUR water filters. 

Energy-efficient: As these refrigerators are certified by Energy Star, they use less energy and electricity bills. The bigger the fridge, the more energy it will take up. 

Advance foam insulation:  These refrigerators have advanced foam insulation that helps to keep the fridge cold when the temperature increases. The refrigerators use the more influential the insulation, the lesser the energy 

Adjustable door bins and shelves:  When we clean the refrigerator, it becomes problematic when we need to clean the narrower parts of the fridge. But you do not need to put extra effort while cleaning the Amana refrigerators. It is because you can remove the door bins and shelves and wash them with mild soap and let them dry. So it won’t cause a horrible smell. And the size of the frames and doors is perfect for keeping everything in an organized way. 

Different door styles:  Amana refrigerators come in different shapes and sizes. The designs and the materials used to make these refrigerators are premium quality so that you can use them for a long time. And the parts of the refrigerators are decorated and easier to clean. 

What can be improved in this brand? Amana refrigerator is the best refrigerator, but some minor issues need improvement. Although the quality of the Amana refrigerators is excellent, some people say that the colors of the refrigerators are pretty similar. Another problem is that the refrigerator becomes hot and causes disturbance in the compressor that is quite expensive to fix. If all these problems are solved, people will rate it five stars. 

What is the Best Amana Refrigerator?

Amana: AFI2538AEB 36 25.0 cu. ft. Freestanding French Door Refrigerator:

This Amana refrigerator is one of my favorite refrigerators that can last for a long time and always ensure excellent services and shipping costs. Now, let’s see some of the exciting features of this refrigerator. 

Door open alarm:  This refrigerator features a door available alarm that reminds us whether the door has been opened for a long time. If you have small children or are a busy person, having a refrigerator with an open door alarm will save the fridge from getting damaged. 

Excellent water dispensers:  Many brands of refrigerators have water dispensers, but the quality of the water dispenser is not so good. However, the manufacturer of Amana ensures a top-notch quality water dispenser and an ice maker that works efficiently, and the water does not come from there. 

Spillproof shelves and drawers:  When we keep fish and meat in the refrigerator, blood comes, making the fridge smelly and dirty. It is a prevalent issue for all brands of refrigerators. But the important thing is to keep the refrigerator clean to maintain hygiene. And it becomes difficult to clean the blood or water that comes from the meat, fish, vegetables, or fruits. But if you are using an Amana refrigerator, you need to worry because all the shelves and drawers are spillproof, making cleaning easy. 

Excellent energy efficiency: Some people do not buy refrigerators because they think the refrigerator takes up too much energy, which means more electricity bills. But do not worry because this Amana refrigerator is verified by Energy Star, which takes less energy than other refrigerators. 

Incandescent light:  This refrigerator has bright incandescent lights that show the internal parts of the refrigerator very clearly to take out all the food particles stuck in the narrower sections of this refrigerator. And the rays are not harsh to our eyes. 

Easy installation: If you have never installed the refrigerator, you can still set it up in this refrigerator. The instructions are written. 

  • Spacious drawers and shelves
  • Very flexible handle
  • Top-notch quality water dispenser and ice cream
  • Do not cause rust and discoloration
  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Sometimes it causes noise when the fan gets dirty and hot

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. How long does an Amana refrigerator last?

Amana refrigerator is one of the best brands of refrigerator that can last for a long time. These refrigerators can last for 10 to 20 years, depending on the model of the fridge. If you take care of them, these refrigerators can last for more than expected. 

Q. Who is the manufacturer of Amana refrigerators?

Whirlpool Corporation is the manufacturer of many different brands of refrigerators. Amana refrigerators are also part of the Whirlpool Cooperation. 


We all know that refrigerators are one the essential things in our everyday life. Amana: AFI2538AEB 36 25.0 cu. ft. Freestanding French Door Refrigerator – Black is the best Amana refrigerator. If you think of buying a new refrigerator, check out every possible detail before purchasing.

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