Is Criterion a Good Brand for Refrigerators?

The brand “Criterion” refrigerator is not as popular as the brands Samsung, Whirlpool, or GE. Still, if you are looking for a good quality refrigerator with an affordable price range, I think the Criterion refrigerator can be a good option. 

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Today, I will talk about the Criterion brand refrigerators because many people are interested to know whether the quality and service of this brand are up to par or not. As this brand is not famous, many of you might be confused about the quality of this refrigerator. 

Criterion refrigerators are among the best refrigerators compared with other cheap refrigerators. It offers excellent quality, features, and price ranges. Although the quality of this brand of refrigerators is not too good, it provides excellent service and shipping costs.

What are the Different Types of Criterion Refrigerators?

Criterion refrigerators come in all types, sizes, designs, and styles with unique must-haves features. Many experienced engineers and designers equip each part of this refrigerator with state-of-the-art technology. You must check every layout, as quality is important for refrigerators when it comes to design.

Some of the designs you will find in Criterion refrigerators are: 

  • Automatic Defrost Upright freezer
  • Manual Defrost Chest freezer
  • Top Freezer refrigerator
  • Drawer freezer
  • Compact freezer

Why is Criterion a Good Brand for Refrigerators?

If we are talking about the benefits of the brand Criterion refrigerators, we will find many, but we will try to focus on the essential features of these refrigerators. Let’s see some of the benefits of the Criterion refrigerators. 

  • Energy-efficient:

Most Criterion refrigerators are certified by Energy Star, it uses less energy which means less electricity bill. All these refrigerators are designed with outstanding insulation that can control the cold temperatures for a long time. That’s why it uses up less amount of energy. 

  • Affordable:

Criterion refrigerators are inexpensive if we compare them to other brands of refrigerators, and I won’t say the quality of this brand of refrigerators is too good. It would be better if the model of the refrigerators improved.  

  • Beautiful design:

This brand of refrigerators should develop more new techniques and styles because other refrigerators have many different designs and sizes. It has only a few methods which are not enough to be chosen by foreign buyers because customers want more up-gradation in the designs and styles. Otherwise, the remaining parts of this brand of refrigerators are perfect. 

  • Perfect storage:

The sizes of the Criterion brand are made according to the users’ requirements. It has small, medium, and big size refrigerators where you can keep food items organized.


How to Choose the Best Criterion Refrigerators? 

Choosing the refrigerators can be a tricky task if you are not expecting enough. There are some things that you must know about refrigerators before you purchase them. As there are many brands of refrigerators in the market, the designs and features of the refrigerators can vary. Let’s know how we can choose the best Criterion refrigerators. 

  • Sizes:

In Criterion refrigerators, there are four different sizes: Compact, Small, Medium, and large. You can choose according to your room sizes and requirements. 

  • Price ranges:  

The price ranges of the Criterion refrigerators can vary according to the sizes and different features. But the price of the Criterion refrigerators is relatively lower than other brands of refrigerators. And if we talk about the quality, I would say it is not up to the mark. It needs to be improved. 

  • Sensible features:

If you are looking for the Criterion refrigerators with the practical featelementsu need to pay more money as you will get features like high-temperature alarm, manual or automatic defrosting and safety locks, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. How much does a Criterion refrigerator cost? 

As I have said, the prices of the Criterion refrigerators are pretty affordable and offer the best prices in the market. For some chest and compact-sized freezers, the cost of the Criterion refrigerators is $170 to $200. And for the bigger-sized freezers or upright freezers, the price range of the refrigerators is $700 to $800. 


Criterion refrigerators may not be a good option for those looking for long-lasting and advanced multi-technology refrigerators.

But if you are out of budget and thinking of buying this refrigerator, I believe this refrigerator brand will help you out. So, before you buy, make sure you are buying knowing all the features and sizes. If you have any questions regarding any accessories, check out the homepage. And don’t forget to share with your family, relatives, and friends.